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Route 66 - The Mother Road

In 1926, the road became a major pathway from the center of the mid-west to the promised land in California.  Literally millions of Americans made the trip west until the road was officially closed in the 1980's.  Their stories of the travels can be found in many places but all contain the common element: the lure of the Mother Road.  The road even had its own television show in the 1960's which still shows in some places in Europe.  Since its closing, following the route has become a cult phenomenon with travelers (like me and my wife, Carmen) viewing the trip as the destination.  There are Historical Preservation efforts in all eight states that have been privileged enough to have a portion of the road pass though it.  However, the route and its motels, cafe's, service stations, and other structures continue to fall to ravages of time.  This gallery is my attempt to share visions of this uniquely American Icon .... Old Route 66 .... with those who have traveled her blacktop and with those who hope to one day.

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