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Dave Blake Photographer

my story

An engineer by training, a photographer by passion.  Over the years. many have said that I have a "great eye for photos", what ever that means.  However, I think I have an eye for what makes America and its people .....

..... American.

I have developed my personal photographic perspective over the years while exploring varied subjects, ideas and techniques with others.  I've been lucky enough to be associated with the Desert Light Photo Group since 2005 where information is freely shared.  I continue to grow as a photographer and image maker actively sharing my passion awith this talented group.

If photos and photography interest you .... just pick up a camera (any will do) .... figure out how to use it .... pause to look at the world around you ....  look at other's photos .... watch how the light changes through the day .... learn a little about composition .... go out and take lots of photos of varying subjects .... critique yourself and have others do the same .... learn from the critiques .... then pick up your camera and let your Mind's Eye wander some more.  Most of all -- enjoy the experience and never be afraid to share your images with anyone.