Through My Lens Photo ‚Äč

Creative fine art imaging

Dave Blake Photographer

First Nation

I have been fascinated by the people that were in this land before the white man arrived. Their culture is unique in that they feel nature and mother earth rules beings.  The white man has had a marked influence in how this culture evolved since the 17th century.  The Spanish missionaries brought their religion and other Europeans sought to make them subservient  and steal the land they worshiped.  Today, many of the First Nation live on reservations which cover a lot of Arizona and New Mexico.  There are ruins of the culture that existed many years before the white man (Chaco Canyon) that raise questions related to their knowledge of the Universe.  There are also monuments to the great inhumanity of the white man (Ft. Sumner).  This gallery is dedicated to those First Nation people that live today and share their culture with us and to those ancestors that went before them.  Where required by their laws, these images were take with their permission.