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Dave Blake Photographer

Car Butts

Automobiles and related stuff have been a part of my life since I can remember.  My Dad and his father before him worked for General Motors and I went to an Engineering run by GM.  I've always been enthralled with the design elements of classic cars -- those built before 1975.  When I entered the fray as a"professional" photographer in the late 1990's, I tried to capture those elements with the camera.  While photographing the whole car is done quite often, I chose to look at tail lights, bumpers and chrome.  Thus the name "Car Butts".  In fact, the first images I sold were car butts to be used in an office building for which a friend had the decorating contract (thanks, April).  More recently, I have moved to junked pieces and the ever famous Rat Rods.  I hope you enjoy these images -- you won't see late model cars as they have no personality whatsoever.