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Blues - America's Music

Blues music is often considered the source of all American music (Blues is the roots, the rest are the fruits) and I certainly believe it.  I saw my first Blues show (Big Pete Pearson) at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix in 1993 and fell in love with the sound.  Then I found out that a lot of the Rock & Roll and British sounds of the 1960's were actually reworked Blues tunes.  I was hooked and started listening and collecting this wonderful music with all its different styles and sounds.  Thanks to a few good people (Jorge, Chris & Pete) , I also started photographing live shows. This lead to many, many images of Blues people and related subjects.  A gallery here would be insufficient to do justice to my collection so I will be developing another web site dedicated to The Blues.  This site will appear in early 2014. Stay Tuned! 

My collection of Blues images can be viewed by clicking here.